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Saturday  October 27th      SOUTH WEST FORUM FOR TREE WARDENS
Friday    November 30th     CELEBRATION OF TREES


Pear Blossom
Pear Blossom
Just had a warm and sunny Bank Holiday weekend – pears, apples, cherry in blossom, hawthorn just starting into bloom.    Others more mediterranean fruit and nut -  such as walnut and mulberry - just breaking into leaf – can be viewed at Knowle Park and gardens.
Work has begun – in advance of the major development -  on moving the revered gingko tree.    This is an unusual project so it is interesting to see how it is done: so far a big ditch has been dug around the perimeter of the tree.
No more frosts, so fast growth, but beware new tree planting needs extra water in the first year or two.         Preferably keep one metre diameter clear of weeds around the base of trees.
Spring flowering shrubs such as flowering currant, forsythia, philadelphus should be pruned immediately after flowering ends.
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent


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