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Waitrose Green Buttons

In July we are one of the nominated charities at Waitrose so if you shop there please make sure to add the green token in the Arboretum slot. We can raise up to £1000 this way with your help


Saturday October 27th SOUTH WEST FORUM FOR TREE WARDENS to be held at Sidholme, Sidmouth
Saturday November 24th TREE DRESSING at Parish Church
Friday November 30th CELEBRATION OF TREES at Kennaway House
2019 TREE WEEK 20-25th May


We are in the midst of a really dry period – even some silver birch leaves in my new plantation are turning yellow.    Our newly planted trees – rowans on The Ham amongst others – are being watered regularly, thanks to help from local residents.    Otherwise there isn’t much needs doing.    Enjoy a walk amongst the trees, whether wandering on Muttersmoor in the shade of conifers or cosying down in Blackmoor Gardens where the children can explore a newly planted cool shady corner.

Summer Pruning of Fruit Trees

Ribston Pippin
Ribston Pippin
Organised by: Thornhayes Nursery Wednesday 8th August
Talk and demonstration of summer pruning for commonly grown fruit types (apple, plum, pear, etc.) grown as bush, espalier, cordon and other trained forms. To start promptly at 2.00pm. Please arrive from 1.30pm when tea and coffee will be available. (Category: Technical)   Details and costs:


We are looking at how climate change will affect the trees that are being grown and the effects of Ash Dieback which are increasingly visible on young trees in the valley 
We are working with the Town Council on the recent proposal to plant more fruit trees.
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent


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