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Meet The Trees 2018
Meet The Trees 2018

Salcombe Regis Tree Walk 16th April 2018

Gathered at the Salcombe Hill viewpoint.
Gathered at the Salcombe Hill viewpoint.
View from the Frog Stone
View from the Frog Stone
Towards Salcombe Regis
Towards Salcombe Regis
A Jolly band of tree afficionados essayed the Salcombe Regis Tree Walk, ably led by Jon Ball

TREE WEEK April 16th - April 21st

Monday 16th – Walk to Salcombe Regis and back along the new Salcombe Regis Tree Trail. Either meet at Sidmouth Tourist Information Centre TIC at 14:00 or park at Salcombe Hill Car Park and walk out and join us on the coast path at 14:30.  

Tuesday 17th – Café Scientifique –  “Sidmouth’s Global  Treescape” -  an illustrated talk by Ed Dolphin at Kennaway House at 15:00 

Wednesday 18th
 Walk around Sidbury following the Tree Trail. Meet at Sidbury car park at 14:00 

Thursday 19th – Talk by Jill Butler, Woodland Trust  “Discovering Ancient Trees” at 19:30 at Kennaway House. There is also a Great Trees of the Cyst Valley walk at Woodbury Castle at 16:00 on this day. This is one of a series of walks advertised in the EDDC countryside guide.  

Friday 20th – Guided walk with Kevin Croucher along the Sidmouth town Tree Trail. Meet at the Toll House at 14:00 Saturday 21st – Meet the Trees:  An opportunity to meet the people who look after trees in private gardens and public areas. Please collect a map of the locations from the Tourist Information Centre. These maps will also be available at all of the other events throughout the week. All events free entry, donations welcome
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent
Tree Planting with Councillor Kelvin Dent

Tips for April and May

After the cold, wet weather at the end of February, any new planting in March will have had a set back, so check the stakes and ties on trees, and check shrubs for wind rock when the gales of March, if they arrive, have shaken the roots of the shrub. It is usually sufficient to firm the soil with your boot.

Hedges can be shaped and made bushier by taking secateurs to the middle twigs, this should encourage new shoots to fill the middle of a hedge. Late flowering shrubs such as buddleia and hydrangea can be pruned back, hard in the case of buddleia and for hydrangea take out a few of the older stems to ground level and prune back the tips to a strong pair of buds to keep a tidy shape.

The excitement of spring is blossom: apples and pears should lighten our days, and of course hawthorn will blossom in May. To get the best from your fruit trees check out Thornhayes Nursery
for pruning guide lines and local courses and for planning your autumn planting now!  


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