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This is the current list of trees. More trees are added from time to time, and more information about existing trees is added from time to time. For more details on each tree click the green button with the tree number on.

You can download the list as a set of GPS waypoints by clicking here.

Tree No.NameLocationPictureNotes
1001 Sweet chestnut
Castanea sativa
Sidmouth, the ByesSweet chestnutDianas favourite tree
1002 Californian Redwood
Sequoia sempervirens
Sidmouth, Redwood RoadCalifornian RedwoodRedwood road is named after this tree
1005 English oak
Quercus robur
Sidmouth, Margarets Meadow 
1009 Persian ironwood
Parrotia persica
Holmesley Nursing Home Fortescue
1011 Service berry
Amelanchier lamarckii
Sidmouth, Beatlands 
1014 Eucryphia
Eucryphyia sp.
Sidmouth, Sidlands 
1015 Luccombe oak
Quercus x hispanica 'Lucumbeana'
Sidmouth, Lymebourne Lane 
1021 English Yew
Taxus baccata
Sidmouth parish churchEnglish YewSidmouth Tree Trail no. 2. This is one of a group of English and Irish yews
1022 Cork oak
Quercus suber
Sidbury, High StreetCork oakIn the garden of the Dower House, near the church
1023 Red oak
Quercus rubra
Roxborough Car Park 
1024 Ornamental cherry
Prunus Tai Haku
Salcombe Regis churchyardOrnamental cherry
1031 Maidenhair tree
Ginkgo biloba
Sidmouth, Sidmount, Station RoadMaidenhair treeThe second largest Ginkgo in the UK
1035 Hawthorn
Crataegus monogyna
Thorn, Salcombe Regis Brings good luck to the village in local legend
1038 Atlas cedar
Cedrus atlantica
by the ford, SidmouthAtlas cedar
1040 Sweet chestnut
Castanea sativa
Powys, All Saints Road 
1042 Weeping birch
Betula pendula
Masonic Hall, Sidmouth 
1101 Silver Maple
Acer saccharinum
Knowle Council Offices driveway Knowle Tree Survey No. T1
1102 Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata
KnowleMonterey PineSidmouth Town Tree Trail no. 15. Knowle Tree Survey no. 93. Heritage tree.
1103 Wollemi Pine
Wollemia nobilis
Belmont HotelWollemi PineDonated by Mr and Mrs Roberts
1104 Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata
KnowleMonterey PineKnowle Tree Survey No. 96. Big branch fell off January 2014
1105 Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus sp.
The Byes, near Jubilee Gardens 
1106 Evergreen Oak
Quercus sp.
Lymebourne Lane, SidmouthEvergreen OakNo. 11 on the Sidmouth Town Tree Trail
1107 Fastigiate Hornbeam
Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'
The Knowle, entrance driveway, SidmouthFastigiate HornbeamKnowle Tree Survey No. 22
1108 Judas Tree
Cercis siliquastrum
The Knowle, entrance driveway, SidmouthJudas TreeKnowle Tree Survey No. 3
1109 Horse chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum
Kennaway House, Sidmouth Mature pink flowering horse chestnut, in row of similar size chestnuts. Not same period as listed building. Sidmouth Tree Trail No 1
1110 Mulberry
Knapp Pond This tree is one of a group of exotic fruits planted spring 2014, donated by Dame Julia Slingo, Patron of Sidmouth Arboretum. Others include fig and apricot.
1111 Red maple
Acer rubrum 'Brandywine'
Long Park, Sidmouth Donated and planted by Hugh Angus, dendrologist consultant to Sidmouth Arboretum. Hugh is former Curator at Westonbirt, The National Arboretum in Gloucestershire; and a world expert on maples.
Sorbus Joseph Rock
Sid Road, Sidmouth Planted 2014, donated by Sidmouth Garden Centre
1113 Maidenhair tree
Ginkgo biloba 'Tremonia'
Sid Road, Sidmouth Fastigiate form of ginkgo, planted 2014
1114 Cornelian cherry
Cornus mas
Conservative Club, Sidmouth Mostly ignored, but mass of yellow flower in March, which can be seen from the pavement outside.
1115 Monkey puzzle
Araucaria araucana
Barrington Villa, Sidmouth Eye catching conifer with drooping cones (summer 2014)- viewable from pavement. Visit the avenue of monkey puzzle trees which lead up to Bicton College.
Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth Not normally hardy in UK, this tree outgrew its space in the glasshouse of Blackmore Gardens and was moved, courtesy of EDDC Parks Officer, Mark Pollard, to take its chance at Connaught Gardens. Winter 2013/4 was mild.
1117 Cherry plum
Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'
Balfour Manor roadside Not a plum at all, but an ornamental spring flowering cherry. This group of three were planted February 2014, under the guidance of Edward Willis Fleming, with thanks to Balfour Manor residents.
Sophora tetraptera
Manor Road This very sheltered private garden has fine example of this New Zealand origin tree, flowering in May.
1119 Monterey pine
Pinus radiata
Woodlands Hotel, Sidmouth A mature pine planted probably 1860s at height of fashion for plant hunters introducing new species. New owners 2013 have remodelled the garden and maintained trees.
1120 Weeping elm
Ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii'
off Cotmaton Road, Sidmouth Beautiful and unusual elm, under threat from car parking. Another one grows outside the Library, enjoyed by small children under its canopy.
1121 Magnolia
Magnolia cambellii ?
Magnolia Cottage, Coburg Road, Sidmouth Mature beautiful tree given space to develop its natural shape - in private garden.
1122 Tulip tree
Liriodendron tulipifera
Knowle Park, Sidmouth Fine specimen on steep slope beside Car Park, flowers may be seen at eye height some years. No?? in Knowle Tree Survey
1123 Field maple
Acer campestre
In hedgerow, just north of Sidbury Tree Trail route Field maple is very adaptable, can be grown as tree, or hedge or coppiced. This is a venerable tree.
1124 Beech
Fagus sylvatica
Track footpath alongside Golf Course on Muttersmoor. A fine row of mature beech bordering conifer plantation.
1125 Copper beech
Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea
Muttersmoor - junction of footpaths on Clindon Devon Estates land Three copper beech were planted at a ceremony in March 2014, attended by Lord Clinton (Clinton Devon Estates) and Sir Jonathan Phillips, Warden of Keble College, Oxford. The nearby Keble's seat is attributed to the the view over to Dartmoor, which inspir
1126 Foxglove tree
Paulownia tomentosa
Hunters Moon Hotel, Sidmouth this tree flowered for the first time May 2014, at 6 years after planting.
1127 Holm oak
Quercus ilex
The Byes, Sidmouth One of a pair of majestic holm oaks, echoes of 19th century planting, when the land was donated for public access by Annie Leigh Browne.
1128 Tulip tree
Liriodendron tulipifera
Belvedere, Hillside, Sidmouth Previously an hotel, these apartments benefit from mature garden trees and more recent Scots pine plantings, bordering Beatlands Road.
1129 Pineapple guava
Acca sellowiana
Blackmoor Gardens, wall by Health Centre Previously called Feijoa, this wall shrub demonstrates the warm Sidmouth micro climate. Next to it is the thorny Japanese bitter orange, Poncirus trifoliata.
1130 Hawthorn
Crataegus Paul's Scarlet
Market Place Planted by John Hollick, Leader of Sidmouth Town Council February 2014 - a match for the existing Paul's Scarlet outside the market hall.
1131 Small leaf lime
Tilia cordata
Knowle Parkland Donated by Ian Barlow, Sidmouth Garden Centre, and planted with help of volunteers November 2013
1132 English oak
Quercus robur
Recreation Field by Scout House Salcombe Regis Donated by Mrs Carolyn Showering 2015
1200 Turkey Oak
Quercus cerris
Knowle, Station RoadTurkey OakEd's favourite tree. Knowle Tree Survey number 40 listed as a Lucombe Oak (a hybrid between Turkey Oak and Cork Oak) but this is unlikely because this tree is not evergreen.
1201 Dawn Redwood
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Knowle parkland Originally from China, this is the smallest of the Redwoods but will still grow to 60m (200 ft). It is one of the few conifers that is deciduous.
1202 Horse Chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum
Knowle parklandHorse Chestnut
1203 Deodar Cedar
Cedrus deodara
Knowle parklandDeodar Cedar
1204 Deodar Cedar
Cedrus deodara
Knowle parklandDeodar Cedar
1205 Scots Pine
Pinus sylvestris
Gardens of KnowleScots Pine
1206 Wellingtonia
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Gardens of KnowleWellingtonia
1207 Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata
Gardens of KnowleMonterey PineNumber 121 in the EDDC survey.
1208 Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata
Gardens of KnowleMonterey Pine
1209 Western Hemlock
Tsuga heterophylla
Knowle DriveWestern HemlockTree number 14 on the EDDC survey
1210 Western Hemlock
Tsuga heterophylla
Knowle parklandWestern Hemlock
1211 Monkey Puzzle
Araucaria araucana
gardens of KnowleMonkey Puzzle
1212 Persian Ironwood
Parrotia persica
gardens of KnowlePersian IronwoodNamed because of its very hard wood. In early spring the tree is covered in male flowers with their deep red stamens. Autumn leaf colour is also spectacular.
1214 Persian Ironwood
Parrotia persica
gardens of Knowle Named because of its very hard wood. In early spring the tree is covered in male flowers with their deep red stamens. Autumn leaf colour is also spectacular.
1215 Cedar Of Lebanon
Cedrus libani
By the ford in Mill StreetCedar Of LebanonThis tree is number 4 on the Sidmouth Tree Trail.
1216 Weeping Lime
Tilia tomentosa Petiolaris
In The Byes by the RolyPoly Field. Tree number 8 on the Tree Trail.Weeping LimeTree number 8 on the Tree Trail.
1217 Blue Atlas Cedar
Cedrus atlantica glauca
Lawns area of the ByesBlue Atlas CedarGlorious colour of this young tree between stations 4 and 5 of the Sidmouth Tree Trail.
1218 Dawn Redwood
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Sidholme HotelDawn RedwoodDawn Redwood is one of the few deciduous conifers.
1219 Cedar Of Lebanon
Cedrus libani
Sidholme HotelCedar Of Lebanon
1220 Ginkgo
Ginkgo biloba
1221 Cabbage Palm
Cordyline australis
Sidholme HotelCabbage PalmOne of the characteristic sites around Sidmouth are the Cabbage Palms which create a sub-tropical feel.
1222 Judas Tree
Cercis siliquastrum
Sidholme HotelJudas TreeSo named because it is covered in red blossom at Easter which is supposed to signify it is the tree from which Judas hung himself.
1223 Handkerchief Tree
Davidia involucrata
Sidholme HotelHandkerchief TreeAlso called the Ghost Tree and the Dove Tree because of the beautiful white bracts around the flowers that hang down in late spring.
1224 Sugar Maple?
Acer saccharum
Sidholme HotelSugar Maple?An Acer but actual species awaiting verification.
1225 Whitebeam
Sorbus aria
Sidholme HotelWhitebeam
1226 Sweet Gum
Liquidambar styraciflua
Sidholme HotelSweet GumRather lost in the hedge until the deep autumn colours develop.
1227 Monterey Cypress
Cupressus macrocarpa
Sidholme HotelMonterey CypressA magnificent tree but in decline sadly.
1228 Katsura
Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Sidholme HotelKatsuraA primitive tree species with simple flowers.
1229 Copper Beech
Fagus sylvatica purpurea
Sidholme Hotel 
1230 Copper Beech
Fagus sylvatica purpurea
Sidholme HotelCopper BeechLots of faces to see in the bark patterns.
1231 Cherry
Prunus ? ?
Sidholme HotelCherrySited in what used to be the Camellia House. Only the base wall and some of the heating pipes are left of the building.
1232 Copper Beech
Fagus sylvatica purpurea
Sidholme HotelCopper BeechSadly, affected by fungus and likely to be removed for safety reasons.
1233 Mimosa
Acacia dealbata
Sidholme HotelMimosaGlorious, soft yellow flowers in spring leading to brown pea like seed pods.
1234 Lawson Cypress
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ?
Sidholme HotelLawson Cypress
1235 Lawson Cypress
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Pottenii
Sidholme HotelLawson Cypress
1236 Cut Leaved Maple
Acer palmatum dissectum atropurpureum
Sidholme HotelCut Leaved Maple
1237 Monterey Pine
Pinus radiata
Sidholme HotelMonterey PineNote that the needles come in threes, the Scots Pine has needles in twos.
1238 Wellingtonia or Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Sidholme HotelWellingtonia or Giant RedwoodA baby at only about 100 years old, the Giant Redwood can live for up to 3000 years and grow to nearly 300 feet in its native California.
1239 Atlantic Cedar
Cedrus atlantica glauca
Sidholme HotelAtlantic Cedar
1240 Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum osakazuki?
Sidholme HotelJapanese Maple
1241 Ginkgo
Ginkgo biloba
Sidholme Hotel 
1242 Indian Bean Tree
Catalpa bignonioides
Sidholme HotelIndian Bean Tree
1243 Chusan Palm
Trachycarpus fortunei
Sidholme HotelChusan Palm
2010 English Oak
Quercus robur