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Tree Trails

The Sid Valley has 56 miles of pathways, maintained by the Parish Paths Partnership to enable you to explore this section of the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Also the valley is crossed by two long distance paths, the East Devon Way, and the South West Coast Path.
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Cycling through the Byes
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Hunters Moon Hotel
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Cherry blossom

With such a lot to choose from you might like the help of our Tree Trails, designed to help you appreciate the trees in this wonderful landscape.
You can pick up leaflets from Tourist Information Office, or from many hotels and other establishments.
The website tree map has the basic trails marked.

Sidmouth Town Tree Trail

Very popular Tree Trail around Sidmouth Town, taking in a gentle uphill walk for wonderful views and some old, some new plantings. Leaflet available or view it online. If you have a modern Garmin GPS you can download a route. (Ought to work in any GPS, but only tested on Garmin)

Sidbury Tree Trail

Two walking routes around Sidbury taking in the farmland and parts of the East Devon Way which runs through the village. Leaflet now available or view it online

Salcombe Regis Tree Trail

view it online
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