Registered Charity number 1204084


Trees in The Byes

We aim to:

  • acknowledge our rich heritage of parkland trees
  • guide and encourage new planting
  • enhance the visual welcome to coast and countryside

We invite you to:

  • nominate your favourite tree
  • join in the guided walks
  • help plant and maintain our landscape planting
  • tell us where you would like to see more trees

Why we need an arboretum…

Although the architectural heritage is protected through the Grade listing system, there is little such protection for trees. Tree Preservation Orders and AONB designation fail to protect individual trees or areas of land from developers. The Sid valley landscape is beautiful and we need to ensure its future, in the face of tree diseases, pressure from commercial and private development. We need to plant new trees so that our children can inherit a green and healthy environment. Cutbacks in funding mean that the community is likely to have to take a more active role . An additional small tree with a shrub or two in small urban gardens can support a high level of biodiversity. We should label good trees, shown on the database.

Now run as an independent association, the committee adheres to the following objectives:

  • To involve the community to identify entries for a web based record of the rich heritage of trees in the Sid Vale
  • To plan and implement public/private planting and after care so that our children can inherit a green and pleasant community
  • To enhance the visual welcome offered to visitors, for the economic benefit of the community.
  • To arrange events and an annual Tree Day celebration (25 November 2016)
  • To publish tree trail leaflets free to the public on paper/on line
  • To encourage learning and participation in horticultural/arboricultural practice for woody plants
  • To encourage learning and participation in environmental and landscape schemes centred around trees.

Please contact us if you would like any further information. We also welcome your suggestions of your favourite tree or a location where you would like to see some permanent tree or shrub planting.

01395 519275