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Every tree in the Sid valley is potentially an Arboretum Tree. We have started to log some of the more interesting trees in our database but are always looking for suggestions for more trees, and for more information about the trees we have already logged. If you have any new information for us, please get in touch.

The current list of trees can be seen in the Tree List and their locations can be found on the Tree Map

Immense thanks to all the volunteers who went out and completed the survey forms in 2014. The data was entered by Jon and Penny Ball in November and early December, Kenton Rogers despatched it over the wire to the U.S. Forestry Department for analysis. The results were published in 2015. A summary can be seen here and the accompanying charts can be seen here. The sample plots can be seen on the Survey Plots map

Tree species are identified by considering a combination of: leaf, fruit, bark, form.

club photo
Ash flower
club photo
Red Sentinal
club photo

Some terms used to describe leaves are:
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