Saturday 10th December, 11.00, Sidmouth Market Place

We are repeating our give away of young trees for people to plant in their gardens.

Last year, the event was run in conjunction with Devon Wildlife Trust’s Saving Devon’s Treescapes and King’s Garden Centre were the kind hosts.  This year the event will be in the Market Place to give the opportunity to different people.
The event will feature 75 each of Crab Apples, Birches, Rowans and Hazels, native species selected as suitable for town gardens.  Each young tree will be a one year old 60-90cm whip so they will be easy to take home.  There will be an advice sheet for anyone who needs help with how to plant and care for a young tree.


2 thoughts on “TREE GIVE AWAY 10th DECEMBER

  1. Jeanette Ward says:

    our garden backs onto Station Road, there is a trench of land belonging to the council the trees there were decimated when the tree die back took place. we would very much like to replace the trees that were removed. if you donated six of your trees we could and would plant them and take good care of them….that would be a wonderful start, although it will take years to replace what we lost….PLEASE HELP US

    1. Ed Dolphin says:

      Hi, if you get there early on Saturday the volunteers will be expecting you.
      Best wishes,

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