As part of our mission to promote the Sid Valley’s wonderful treescape and generate public engagement, we are renewing some of the labels on trees in public places.

We first labelled some of our most prominent trees five years ago and many people have said how pleased they are to find out about their local trees.  Apart from the names of the tree species, the labels also have a QR code to provide a link to further information.

Many of the original labels need replacing.  Some have been lost or damaged, others have been nibbled by squirrels who seem to be using them to sharpen their teeth.  The main problem is that the QR code links have been broken because we had to rebuild our website and the tree information now has different IP addresses.

Fifty new labels were added to trees in The Byes this week and another 100 will be ordered as soon as we can source grant funding, each labels costs about £4.  They will be added to trees in The Byes, Blackmore Gardens and The Knowle.

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